• Ukraine, Finland, Germany, Israel, Romania
  • Siebel CRM, Call Centers, Oracle BI, Mobile Development, OEBS, SAP, Full Stack Development
  • Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Germany, Israel, Romania
  • Siebel CRM, Call Centers, Oracle BI, Mobile Development, OEBS, SAP
  • Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Germany, Israel
  • Siebel CRM, Call Centers, Oracle BI, Mobile Development, OEBS
  • Ukraine, Belarus, Finland
  • Siebel CRM, Call Centers, Mobile Development
  • Ukraine, Belarus
  • Siebel CRM and Call Centers

Project Geography

Our expertise was recognized not only in Ukraine but also far abroad.

We have experience in implementing interesting CRM projects in Azerbaijan, Argentina, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Germany, Georgia, Israel, Spain, Italy, Belarus Republic, Romania, Saudi Arabia, USA, Finland and Czech Republic. The bulk of the work we perform remotely.

CRM Blogs

The market is full of gossip – Siebel CRM myths

The increase in the number of Oracle Siebel CRM implementation projects has invariably led to the fact that the work of this CRM system is increasingly «growing» in rumors and speculation.

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The secrets of effective analytics in a Сall Сenter

When discussing analytics capabilities in a Сall Сenter, we are often asked the question of how many developed reports can be effectively used, for example, in a bank, an insurance company or online store…

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Ways to reduce the queue in the Contact Center

With the proper organization of work and competent planning of resources, a professional solution for a contact center allows you to effectively control the size of the queues and the average response time within specified limits.

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CRM Systems

Build mutually beneficial Customer relationships

  • Oracle Siebel CRM Implementation
  • Siebel IP19+ Migration
  • Siebel AMS/Performance Tuning
  • Siebel Integration
Operational BI

Benefit from data and improve processes

  • Data Warehouse and ETL
  • Advanced Analytics and Big Data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Visualization
Call Centers

Effectively manage customer interactions

  • VICIdial Contact Centre
  • Chat Bot, DialogFlow
  • Application Intagration and Omnichannel
  • Reporting and Analytics
IT Outsourcing

Quikly expand the capabilities of your IT Team

  • Oracle (Siebel CRM, OEBS, BI)
  • SAP (ERP, BW, BO, Hana)
  • Full stack Software Development
  • Application Maintenance and Support